Bzu Bzu Kids Disposable Medical Mask 5s

$3.50 $1.00
  • Bzu Bzu Kids Surgical Mask is fluid and splash resistant, and is made up of three layers of protection

    Inner layer: Gentle to children's skin and comfortable to wear
    Middle layer: Melt-blown non woven fabric to capture dust and micro particles
    Outer layer: Extra protection against droplet and bacteria


    Features / Benefits:
    • Protect against Bacteria Dust and Droplet
    Protect against Micro Particles Causing Allergy
    • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (B.F.E.) of more than 99%


    How To Use:

    With clean hands, fit the mask on the face then attach with the ear-loops, covering the mouth and nose.
    Adjust to cover the nose, mouth and chin as necessary, making sure there are no gaps between the face and the mask.
    Avoid touching the mask while using, and replace with a new one as soon as it's damp.
    Do not reuse.

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