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La Gourmet Shogun Timeless 24cm Casserole

La Gourmet Shogun Timeless 24cm Casserole


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    Shogun cast cookware is individually cast in a mould unlike press aluminium cookware which is pressed from a flat pre-cut circle. This makes Shogun die cast cookware stronger and more durable than other pressed cookware

    features & benefits

    The most expensive method of manufacturing as the body is constructed using the die-cast technology which is characterized by forcing molten aluminium into a mould cavity that has the desired casserole shape.

    This method results in a sturdy thick body that is strong and durable with excellent heat distribution.

    The cast handles are sturdy and durable, making this non-stick casserole pot one of the best quality cookware you can get.

    FDA & LFGB Safety Compliance

    Fully die cast aluminium lid with inner spikes that return moisture to all areas of the food you are cooking.

    Excellent basting cooking. The steam condenses and drips of the spikes on the food which results in juicy and delicious dishes.

    CAST HANDLE WITH SILICONE GRIP (Casserole only): For safe and easier handling

    Non-Stick provides excellent safe non-stick without using any fluoropolymers which is PFOA free.

    Excellent non-stick effect which is easy to clean.
    High scratch and abrasion resistance.


    Wash clean, wipe or air dry before storage.



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