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sustainable packaging

so much more than just a pretty bottle

packaging is something near and dear to our hearts at method. long neglected as merely "containment," method is known for giving home care products beautiful, vibrant, even sexy packaging. what's less known is the greenness of our packaging.


what we do: packaging

bottles made from bottles
method leads the industry in the use of 100% recycled plastic in our cleaning and hand wash bottles. this results in a brilliantly green trifecta: less waste in landfills, less energy needed to make the resin (70% less than virgin!) and beautiful bottles.

designed for recyclability
closed loop packaging is our ultimate goal. so we have rigorously researched recycling systems across North America to fully understand which plastics + packaging materials actually get recycled and we design our bottles to be compatible with these whenever possible.

packaging considerations
every bottle we design goes through a rigorous process ensure that it’s as green as possible. considering carbon emissions, energy efficiency and material use, our packaging design team embodies comprehensive environmental benefit through recycled materials, refill designs and more compact product designs.




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