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we’re not all about appearances. what’s inside counts, too. find out what goes in our method bottles.


we follow the precautionary principle: if there’s a chance an ingredient isn’t safe, we don’t use it. period.

health + eco screening

we use the precautionary principle, meaning that if there’s a chance that an ingredient isn’t safe, we don’t use it.

the dirty ingredient list

method chooses never to use dirty, conventional cleaning ingredients, like phosphates or bleach, in our formulas.

3rd party assessment

all method ingredients are rigorously evaluated by an independent material research agency for health and environmental safety.

the highest standard

Cradle to Cradle® is our mantra for the design of safe, green products.

smart science

our formulators use advanced green chemistry technologies to create powerful and safe formulations.

external validation

the world’s first line of cleaning products to be Cradle to Cradle® certified for their responsible manufacturing, green package design and safe + effective formulation.

dirty ingredients list

we don’t do dirty. here’s a list of some ingredients we don’t ever use (and why).


we take pride in developing delightful fragrances that are easy on your nose.

people friendly + planet friendly

in a world where cleaning products smell at best bland and boring, and at worst noxious and offensive (fake pine, anyone?), we take pride in making products that smell great. so we make sure that we put the right attention into developing fragrances that don't pose a threat to people and the environment.

dirty fragrance ingredients list

our front-end design screen is known as the dirty fragrance ingredients list. it is an array of materials that are frequently used to make conventional fragrances, like phthalates, but that we specify never be used in method's fragrances.

material safety assessment

all method fragrance ingredients are reviewed by our greenskeeping and toxicology groups. additionally, all of our finished products are clinically tested for irritation and allergy concerns.


we believe vibrant colors make cleaning more fun, so we use colorants that are safe for people + the planet.

vibrant color

vibrant color is a pillar of great design. we believe sustainability should be beautiful, lively and appealing. so we design our products that way. we do this by using safe, environmentally compatible colorants that are effective at ultra-low concentrations, that are non-toxic and will not accumulate in the environment.

responsible colorants

we use only colorants that are safe for people and the environment. some are made from natural materials, but the majority of the most effective ones are made synthetically. in either case, we find the safe ones by partnering with our colorant suppliers to complete detailed health + environmental material assessments.


effective, safe + biodegradable. our preservatives are necessary for a clean you can count on.


method formulas are predominantly made from naturally derived ingredients, so effective preservatives are required to keep them from spoiling and to maintain their effectiveness and safety over time. by choosing effective preservatives, we can use them at ultra-low concentrations (under 0.1% for most of our cleaners).

comprehensive assessment

all of the preservatives used in method products have been comprehensively assessed by the material scientists at MBDC, so we can be certain of their full health + environmental profile. this research allows us to be sure that our formulations remain non-toxic and biodegradable.


all of our core products are Cradle to Cradle certified. more than 75% of our portfolio is certified at the gold level, and the remaining products are certified silver.


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