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green products should come from green companies

chalk one up to common sense.

what's a green product if it's not made by a green company? does buying a green product really have the same positive effect if most of what the company makes is toxic and polluting?

a cleaner clean is bright green on the outside.

we believe green products must come from green companies.

that's why at method we are always looking for ways to not just make our products greener, but our company better. this one can get a little touchy-feely, because it's really about how method is creating good in the world, and how we treat people. but, ultimately, it's the most important, because that's why we exist: to create positive change in the world by inspiring a happy, healthy home revolution.

being a good company is about a lot of things. some of them are green aspects, like are you manufacturing your products with climate consciousness, and are you sourcing ingredients responsibly? but it is also about how you treat your employees, and how you give back to the community. and, most importantly, it's about never being satisfied with how you're doing today — it's about constantly getting better.

that's one of the reasons we are a founding B Corporation. B Corp is a non-profit that audits and certifies the environmental and social practices of a company and publishes them online in a completely transparent way. It's like a real-time sustainability or corporate responsibility report. to view method's B Report, click here. publishing this online in a transparent way gives us extra motivation to work every day to make it better.


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