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designing green products

agents of environmental change

method was founded on the vision that business could be an agent of positive change and a source of solutions to social and environmental problems. the first step of this vision is the responsibility to ensure that our products truly strive for sustainability — from the safety of the materials they are made from, to the ways they are made and shipped, to the partners we work with in our supply chain.

the flipside of this responsibility, though, is the amazing opportunity to design and make the greenest cleaning products available. our challenge is to make sure that every product we send out into the world truly is a little agent of environmental change. little green soldiers in the battle of doing-well-by-doing-good, if you will. we love to solve the technical riddles of making great cleaning products using green chemistry, user-centered design and smart engineering, with our ultimate goal of brilliantly functional products that delight users and embody comprehensive sustainability.

designing products for true sustainability requires a realistically broad definition, not just focusing on a single factor like carbon footprint, natural origin, or safety. 


how we define sustainability
method uses a very broad definition for sustainability and how it relates to our products and company. instead of focusing on a few select endpoints in an attempt to appear greener, method evaluates and optimizes across a wide array of factors spanning health, community, and environmental impacts. by using this comprehensive lens method is able to broadly build sustainability into our product designs and company operations.

the frequent over-use of the term 'natural' is a good example of the narrow focus on only one dimension of sustainability. using natural ingredients is an important element of sustainable production, since they are renewable. nut it's not enough to stop there - as Dr. Michael Braungart frequently reminds us, the worlds most toxic substances are natural. that's why at method, we use natural as a starting point, and then measure all the other factors that make an ingredient a more sustainable choice. our material scorecards (completed by Dr Braungart's team at EPEA (Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency)) assess all aspects of a material's sustainability so we can make fully informed choices when selecting the greenest materials.

pursuing true sustainability also means we must consider how a product is packaged and  made. more sustainable packaging means designing bottles that have a past and a future. that's why we pioneered the first 100% PCR custom PET bottle in the industry, and why we continue to use 100% recycled plastic to make our bottles. It's also why we minimize the mass of plastic used in each design. It's why we created the first recyclable flat-pack film. so you can be assured that your method bottle is not only the most beautiful, but also the greenest bottle in the house.


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