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gift card
gift card
gift card

gift card


    can't decide what to get for your friend's house-warming?

    something that cleans like heck but smells like heaven would be terrific. and in method gift card, your friend can choose all the cleaning helpers he/she needs!

    when you purchase any of our electronic gift cards,

    • you will receive an email containing a link to ‘view your gift card’ and instructions to redeem the value in the card.
    • feel free to forward the email to your friends or family with a personalised message.
    • the value of the gift card may be used partially or wholly. the value in the card has no expiry.
    • to find out the amount of balance left in your card, always refer to the email that contains the link to ‘view your gift card’. clicking on ‘view your gift card’ will show you the balance of value.

    feel free to contact us regarding gift cards.

    features & benefits

    it's an electronic gift card filled with your love in it! as busy working adults ourselves, we totally understand there is little time left for yourself. that's why we introduce gift cards to you! now, you can save some time and let your friends and family purchase their favourite home cleaning products at their comfort of their own pace. the best part yet? we deliver straight to their door.

    don't thank us, we thank you!



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