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4 easy steps to a tasty laundry day

by Digital Team on November 09, 2018

everyone who has done their laundry at least once in their lives know that it’s an almost no-brainer: just throw your clothes into the washing machine, add your laundry detergent, set your wash cycle and you’re good to go. but really, that’s just scratching the surface of it; there’s loads more you can do to enhance the smell and quality of your fabrics so they smell better and last longer. why, you ask? well, to help you better understand it, we’d say it’s almost like baking a cake. and we’ll tell you why.



step 1: get the basics right


a great cake isn’t all about mixing ingredients up and putting them in the oven; the proportions need to be right to achieve a great foundation for whatever comes next. the base needs to be soft and fluffy, yet strong enough that it doesn’t crumble easily; it’d be moist and fragrant to be consumed on its own, yet able to complement the multiple flavours and colors that bakers love to enhance it with. the same goes for laundry detergents: a good formula will ensure your clothes turn out smelling awesome and soft to the touch. but why stop there when you can do so much more?


Icing on cake



step 2: add some pizzazz


to avoid letting your cake look like a dry, brown loaf of bread, that’s where icing comes in. apart from giving it some structure and depth of appearance, it adds an additional dimension of texture and taste; just like how fabric softeners help to further enhance or add to the scent of your clothes, reducing wrinkles and making those fabrics even lighter to the touch.




step 3: really jazz it up


you’d think that the term “icing on the cake” might mean that’s the final step, but we’d respectfully say otherwise. there’re always other ways to make sure your cake comes out truly perfect; a dash of whipped cream, a few select berries on the top, maybe even some ganache? once you’ve added your choice toppings, it’s (almost) ready to be presented to the world, or a birthday party. and just like our laundry counterpart, nothing beats topping up on some fragrance boosters into the mix, which will help the scent last up to 12 weeks even after a few washes.



step 4: make ‘em last longer


for both cakes and laundry, we’d want to be able to make them last as long as possible right? no one’s gonna finish a whole cake in one sitting or use all their laundry within a day. It’s pretty important to make sure both are able to last long, and still be as good as they were from day one. with cakes, cover or cling wrap it and you can either let them sit in the fridge or outside in room temperature for around 3 days. for your laundry, grab a dryer sheet and place it with your clothes in the dryer; it’d help to reduce static, meaning your clothes will feel softer to the touch and be more resistant to stains too.





see, we weren’t kidding about it when we said washing laundry was just like baking a cake, and now you know why. as much as you wouldn’t skimp out on making your cake taste and look the best, you’d be doing your fabrics a favour by taking these steps so they’d last longer and smell fresher each time.

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