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5 thoughtful gifts for a homely christmas

by Kelvin Won on December 13, 2017

when you start hearing “jingle bells” and “walking in a winter wonderland” in the shopping mall, you know that yule-licious festive time is quickly upon us. and with that, you find yourself starting to pen down a santa list of who’s nice that you’ll need to buy presents for. toys for the kids, shawls for the grandparents, but what about those friends of yours who won’t appreciate yet another towel set for christmas? you want a present that speaks to them, but is also highly practical. christmas is a time for family and gathering together at home, so why not consider a gift to make their christmas even more homely? here are some ideas you may steal.


1. something customized + smells nice

candles and soaps are always on the top of the christmas gift list, but don’t disregard them as nothing special. when you make them yourself, that makes them super-duper extra special. you can even make homemade scrubs that allow your friend to have a spa-day at home! just search online for easy homemade recipes, and get the ingredients from a local supplier. the ingredients will allow you to make A LOT of gifts practically for your entire list. this is a perfect way for you to customise the gift to the individual as well, choosing the right scent, the right colours, the right shape (for soap), and the right packaging. if you’re not exactly the craft type, simply look for a local crafter that makes customised soaps and you’re ready to get gifting!

2. something that says adventure

a family or a couple that loves to travel? why not buy them a world map with little pins so they can mark down every country they’ve been to. It’s a great way to remember all their favourite trips together. why, in fact, nowadays they sell maps where you can actually scratch off the foil above the country to reveal a different colour, what an innovation! if you want something more 3d, go for a cork globe or even make one yourself out of styrofoam. just don’t use an inflatable globe cuz you don’t want to be sticking pins in to that!

3. something that keeps giving

if it’s someone close to you and you know they love something in particular, why not look out for a monthly subscription for them? it can be a year-long of magazines, or a beauty box every month. there are also monthly boxes with trendy geek merchandise, handmade soap, flowers, coffee, books and even healthy snacks for when you have the munchies! it’s amazing the number of things you can find that delivers straight to your home – or your friend’s home in this case! and if a year-long subscription is too much for you to afford, ask them for a 2- or 3-month subscription, they would be happy to help.

4. something they can spend

you might think that gift cards are cliché and old-fashioned and don’t show how well you know a person. but if you know they like playing games on their phone, why not get them a google play gift card or for computer games, a paysafe card or online credit on their favourite game? if they love listening to music, what about a spotify premium subscription for a few months? or an amazon gift card so they can purchase new e-books for their kindle? it’s all about knowing what they would love spending time on, so you can spend some money giving them the gift of choice of something that they can enjoy in their own home.

5. something that keeps the home a home

and finally. what keeps you wanting to just lounge around and spend time at home? it’s warm and cosy, it’s filled with family, and there’s always food on the table. but uh uh uh, make sure you wash your hands before eating! knowing this, method has brought back once again their limited-edition holiday kit only in the month of december. this holiday kit consists of a gel handwash and a foaming handwash, and comes in either frosted fir or vanilla chai scents and costs just $11.90 per kit! you know you all loved it so much last year, it just had to make a return this year, to add to your list of super practical and thoughtful gifts for the home this season! so make sure you look out in december for this special christmas-scented holiday kit.

happy holidays everyone and happy gifting! :*


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