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6 ways you can help improve our earth

by Digital Team on August 02, 2018

sustainable living isn’t on everyone’s must-do list or priority, but how many of us have seen pictures of polluted seas, animals sick from consuming waste and felt compelled to do something about it? if you’re not too sure where to start, we’ve come up with 6 tips on how to care for our tiny blue planet. as they say, a little really does go a long way.


reduce your food wastage

how many times have we over-ordered, cooked too much food, just for the leftovers to go down the chute because we can’t finish? instead, constantly remind yourself to only buy what you need, and invest in a food scale so you can estimate how much food you would consume in one sitting. consider freezing perishables like fruits and veggies before they turn bad and use your scraps to make a stew or two.


save on energy

while many people reduce their energy consumption to save on electricity bills, doing so can also lead to an improvement in our environment as it means a decrease in power plant emissions. Some simple ways include drawing your blinds to block out the sun and decrease ambient temperature in your room versus switching on the aircon, using rechargeable batteries instead of regular ones, and unplugging appliances when not in use. even simply just switching off the lights when you leave the room can contribute towards lowering your carbon footprint.


store your goods in bottles and jars

food packaging contributes to a large amount of waste, and one good way of cutting that out is to visit stores that provide self-service dispensers, so you can buy just the amount you need and store them in your own containers and bags at the store. this way, you reduce food waste and your carbon footprint as well.


skip those plastic utensils

each time we take food away, a great way to reduce waste is to bring your food containers and opt to not use plastic cutlery in favour of getting your own stainless-steel ones, and you can even get them in a set with a straw, spoon, knife and fork.


sell, donate, or breathe new life into them.

instead of chucking old and unused stuff out, opt to donate them to a charity that provides for the needy. you might not see much value in your hand-me-downs, but there’s always someone out there looking for a neat deal. better yet, explore your creativity by transforming old items to something different, and with tons of DIY videos on the internet, it’s hard to say no.


choose products that are good for the environment

the cheaper it is, doesn’t always make it better. make a choice by using products with ingredients that aren’t toxic and choked full of harsh chemicals; the same way you would want the best options for your body, the same options will go a long way towards conserving the earth as well.




see, saving the planet isn’t all that tough! many times people may consider it a hassle, but we’ve shown how choosing these options can also benefit us individually. be an environmental hero with us and use the right products like our range of dish cleaners, designed to clean well, smell good and most importantly, treat us and the earth right. jumpstart your journey with our 15% off dishwash range today!




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