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7 things to think about when moving to your new home!

by Kelvin Won on January 17, 2018

the renovation is finally complete, the movers have done their job, and the keys are in your hand… welcome to your new home! in all that excitement to rush in and start living a new chapter of your life, it can always be good to take a moment to collect your thoughts and make sure you have what you need so you don’t end up being flustered a few days in.

get a new padlock

your new apartment may come with fire-retardant door and super fancy double-locking gate, but who knows if everyone from the property agents to previous owners or tenants (especially if it was resale) might have a set of keys to your private domain? better be safe than sorry, and guard up with extra security to protect you and your family from potential break-ins and burglaries. if anything, what’s the price of a padlock compared to peace of mind!

clean up the whole house

nobody wants to start living in a dingy, dirty, debris-filled house full of signs a large-scale renovation just took place there. ok, even if it’s fairly clean to begin with, you want to make sure there isn’t a layer of dust waiting for you to plonk furniture down upon. but before you start feeling overwhelmed at the monstrous task ahead of you, keep the cleaning simple. don’t haul out the brigade of buckets and mops, or run downstairs to the nearest shop and buy 30 different types of cleaning products. you’d be tired – not to mention, broke – before you even start! method sets you up perfectly with the super-handy new home cleaning kit. that’s 11 bestsellers and all the essentials you will ever need for every single room, wall, floor, glass, toilet, dish or even hand in the house! best of all, it’ll smell so good while you’re at it, plus, no harsh ingredients means no panic if you’re rubber-glove-less.

keep a handy list nearby

before you freak out the next time you run out of gas, or have to deal with water shooting upwards in the middle of your kitchen, make sure you have a list of all the services and people you might need when it comes to the house or your family. that includes the gas company, the nearby plumber, a 24-hour locksmith, the utilities company, internet provider, air-conditioning maintenance – and any other service you think you might ever need. while you’re compiling this list, throw in the numbers of the fire department, ambulance, your family doctor, emergency contacts, childcare, office, and yes, your favourite takeaway, why not.

direct boxes to their place

imagine walking into your new home and 36 huge boxes greet you, topping your mental to-do list in huge bold red letters screaming “unpack me!!!” oh, we would shudder too at the thought. when you were packing to move, you probably already labelled the boxes “clothes”, “bathroom” and stuff like that. well, send them each to their own room or place first, and then set a manageable goal to unpack one box, or a few boxes, per day. don’t attempt to do all of it at once. you’ll end up being frustrated and won’t enjoy the “new home” experience.

prepare a “moving!” survival kit

has it ever happened to you before, where you happily packed up everything into boxes, only to realize you really needed something crazy important but didn’t know where to begin to look for it? plan ahead and set aside some things that you might need. this refers to important documents from housing to insurance papers, but yes, also to things like toilet paper! because you don’t want to sit on your new toilet and then realise something was missing. medication, plastic bags, resealable bags, phone charger, masking tape, scissors, marker, cleaning wipes, hand wipes, plasters, paper, pen, paper towels, dish towels, hand towels, a cup – those are some things you might end up needing. who knows, while cleaning the house you might want a drink of water from the tap and oops, don’t have a cup!

scout out the neighbourhood

if unpacking ever gets a little overwhelming, just take a breather and go for a walk around your new neighbourhood. this helps you take note of stuff like “oh, that’s where i can go to get bread/contact lenses/a haircut.” check out nearby bus stops, what buses stop there, and their routes. go to the food courts and coffee shops and commit an entire “must-try” list in your mind. and as you’re walking back to your apartment, look around for the fire-escape route. locate your nearest stairs and make sure there’s nothing blocking that route.

change your address

think about all the things that are linked to your address. from bank statements to monthly subscriptions, the parking permit for your car, even your identity card – all of these need an address overhaul. you’ll need to let your company’s human resources department know of the change too. make a list of all these that need your attention so that you don’t leave any out. what an excuse to “add new address” on all your favourite online shopping sites eh! ;)


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