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stain remover 178ml - free & clear
stain remover 178ml - free & clear
stain remover 178ml - free & clear
stain remover 178ml - free & clear

stain remover 178ml - free & clear

    brush the stain away

    stains can be stubborn, but this bottle of stain-lifting enzymes was built for the task. featuring a built-in brush to let you scrub the formula deep into fabric, our stain remover targets tough, set-in stains. call it your clothes’ new best friend.

    free + clear
    smells like nada, zilch + zero because it’s proudly fragrance-free

    features & benefits

    • removes tough set-in stains.
    • safe on washable fabrics.
    • works on colors and whites.
    • made with plant-based stain lifting power.
    • cruelty free. tested by people, not on animals.
    • scrubs deep with built-in brush
    • Made in USA


    • give bottle a squeeze + brush liquid on stain.
    • let stand for 5min.
    • wash as usual


    water (aqua), lauryl ethoxylate*, sodium lauryl sulfate*, glycerin*, ethanol*, sodium chloride*, sodium cocoate*, amylas*, calcium chloride*, carboxmethylinulin*, mannanase*, pectinate*, polyester protease*, trisodium salt of methylglycinediacetic acid*, denantonium benzoate, distrylbiphenolsulfonate, octylisothiazolinone. *denotes plant or mineral origin


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