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if it's on here, you probably don't want it on you

the dirty ingredient list is a catalogue of ingredients commonly used to make cleaning and personal care products that don't meet method standards. method chooses not to use these ingredients in our products due to the potential hazards they pose to human health and/or the environment. the dirty list grows over time as we find new ingredients that we deem inappropriate for use in our products.

In creating the dirty ingredient list, we use the precautionary principle: unless we can conclude that an ingredient is safe for people and the planet, we don't use it. this means that for many of the ingredients that we choose not to use, the science of their possible risk isn't fully established, but the potential hazard is enough for us to avoid them.

one example of this precautionary mentality is parabens (see below for more detail). there are substantial concerns about their effects on human health, but the precise mechanism by which they act is not fully understood. It is our firm belief that in these cases it is better to avoid the risk and to use ingredients that we can confidently say are healthy for people and compatible with the environment.

this list is not comprehensive. If you have questions about what other ingredients to look out for, email us at


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