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designing safe colors

pink is the new green

for far too long, green products have been drab, boring and ugly. at method, we believe in a colorful and verdant world, and that goes for our products as well. so we use color, but we use color responsibly. we do this by using safe, environmentally compatible colorants in the most effective ways possible. 


what we do: color

vibrant color
vibrant color is a pillar of great design. we believe sustainability should be beautiful, lively and appealing. so we design our products that way. we do this by using safe, environmentally compatible colorants that are effective at ultra-low concentrations, that are non-toxic and will not accumulate in the environment.

responsible colorants
we use only colorants that are safe for people and the environment. some are made from natural materials, but the majority of the most effective ones are made synthetically. in either case, we find the safe ones by partnering with EPEA, an environmental research group, to complete detailed health + environmental material assessments. click here for a list of colorants used in our products.


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