laundry detergent 1.58L - fresh air

  • suitable for top and front load washing machines.

    your clothes will thank you

    you love coffee, red wine and chocolate milk shakes. just not on your clothes. the naturally derived cleaning power in this recyclable bottle fights tough dirt + stains. so your whites stay white and your colors stay bright. now you can indulge in your favorite foods without having to worry about your wardrobe.

    what's that smell?

           fresh air

    you've heard that saying before, when something refreshing just breezed in, and everything's a little bit better because of it? well, this scent is just like that – a breath of fresh air. the kind you smell. pretty much named itself.

  • ingredient function source
    water (aqua) diluent + solvent water
    c12-16 pareth-7 surfactant (cleaning agent) plant-based
    sodium lauryl sulfate surfactant (cleaning agent) plant-based
    glycerin solvent plant-based
    ethanol solvent plant-based
    sodium chloride thickener mineral-based
    limonene fragrance† synthetic
    citronellol fragrance† synthetic
    linalool fragrance† synthetic
    coconut fatty acid surfactant (cleaning agent) plant-based
    trisodium salt of methylglycinediacetic acid chelating agent synthetic
    polyester soil dispersant synthetic
    carboxymethylinulin soil dispersant plant-based
    calcium chloride stabilizer mineral-based
    protease cleaning enzyme plant-based
    sodium hydroxide pH adjuster mineral-based
    disodium distyrylbiphenyl disulfonate optical brightener synthetic
    pectinase cleaning enzyme plant-based
    amylase, .alpha.- cleaning enzyme plant-based
    benzylisothiazolinone preservative synthetic
    phenoxyethanol antioxidant synthetic
    methylisothiazolinone preservative synthetic
    mannanase cleaning enzyme plant-based
    denatonium benzoate bittering agent synthetic
    proprietary colorant blend colorant synthetic
    †contains fragrance allergens

    updated on 1/22/20

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