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  • laundry detergent 1.58L - free & clear
laundry detergent 1.58L - free & clear
laundry detergent 1.58L - free & clear
laundry detergent 1.58L - free & clear

laundry detergent 1.58L - free & clear

    our clothes will thank you
    you love coffee, red wine and chocolate milk shakes. just not on your clothes. the naturally derived cleaning power in this recyclable bottle fights tough dirt + stains. so your whites stay white and your colors stay bright. now you can indulge in your favorite foods without having to worry about your wardrobe.

    free + clear
    smells like nada, zilch, zero because it has no added fragrance (and no dyes either)

    features & benefits

    • keeps colors bright and whites white.
    • made with plant-based stain lifting power for h.e. and standard washers.
    • hypoallergenic concentrated formula fights tough dirt and stains.
    • cruelty free. tested by people, not on animals.
    • bottle (minus lid) made from 100% recycled plastic (pcr)
    • Made in USA


    • to wash: pour into detergent tray or directly into machine. follow care label instructions.
    • to pre-treat: rub a little detergent onto stain. wait 5 minutes. wash as usual. test an inside seam or inconspicuous area for colorfastness.


    water (aqua), laureth-7*, sodium lauryl sulfate*, glycerin*, alcohol denat.*, protease* enzyme blend, trisodium salt of methylglycinediacetic acid*, sodium cocoate*, amylase* enzyme blend, calcium chloride*, sodium carboxymethyl inulin*, citric acid*, denatonium benzoate, mannanase* enzyme blend, pectinase* enzyme blend, nonionic polyester, propylene glycol, methylisothiazolinone


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