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safety first

method employs a formulation approach that is fundamentally different than the usual suspects. Instead of looking for specialty chemicals to perform certain functions, method's green chefs start with a toolkit of innovative, effective, green materials that have all passed a comprehensive health and environmental screening process. the chefs then design formulations from this positive list of materials that are the greenest, most effective formulas possible. by starting with only safe ingredients, we can be certain that the resulting formulations will be completely safe as well.


what we do: formulation

health + eco screening
we use the precautionary principle, meaning that if there’s a chance that an ingredient isn’t safe, we don’t use it.

the dirty ingredient list
method chooses never to use dirty, conventional cleaning ingredients, like phosphates or bleach, in our formulas.

3rd party assessment
all method ingredients are rigorously evaluated by an independent material research agency for health and environmental safety.

the highest standard
Cradle to Cradle® is our mantra for the design of safe, green products.

smart science
our formulators use advanced green chemistry technologies to create powerful and safe formulations.

external validation
the world’s first line of cleaning products to be Cradle to Cradle® certified for their responsible manufacturing, green package design and safe + effective formulation.


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